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Image of Jesse James Babbitt
Jesse James Babbitt
Founder of jj Babbitt

Where the mind meets the method...thus begins the music.

From students to professionals in every type of music from classical to jazz, you need the right mouthpiece to help you create the right sound.

For 100 years, the jj Babbitt Company, Inc. has helped musicians deliver great performances by producing the industry's finest mouthpieces for clarinet and saxophone. No matter what your level or style of play, the family-owned and operated business has what you need to create a sound that is uniquely yours. Since the first mouthpiece order was made in 1919 in the garage of founder Jesse James Babbitt, the company has focused on craftsmanship as the key to progressive mouthpieces. After learning his trade at Buescher Band Instruments in Elkhart, Indiana, Jessie went into business for himself. With the help of his brother, Rollie Babbitt, Jessie's idea became reality.

Owner/Chairman William (Bill) R. Reglein, is the third generation family member to run the company and is the great-nephew of Jesse Babbitt. While in high school, Bill made local deliveries and, through the years, worked in every manufacturing station in the company, including lathe, buffing, and inspecting. He also worked in shipping, sales, and design before moving into the company's Presidency in 1999, taking over for his father, music industry legend, Eugene (Bud) Reglein. The elder Reglein had joined the business in 1939 and stayed with the firm for 65 years until he died in 2005.

Bill Reglein served the company for 40 years before turning the day-to-day operation of jj Babbitt over to his staff. He continues to be involved in Babbitt's overall function.

Image of William Reglein
William R. Reglein
President & C.O.O.
Image of Rocky Giglio
Rocco "Rocky" Giglio

Rocco (Rocky) Giglio joined the company as Vice President of Operations in 1999 and now serves as President and Chief Operating Officer. Rocky not only has nearly a half-century of experience in the music industry but the perspective of a long-time professional musician as well. He was formerly in management with WoodWind & BrassWind, Selmer Company's Bach plant and with UMI (United Musical Instruments), a group of music-industry instrument and component manufacturers that included W.T. Armstrong, Artley, C. G. Conn, King, and others.

A professional musician, Rocky is proficient on the flute as well as all woodwinds, including clarinet, saxophone, oboe, and bassoon. He plays with the Jazz Assemblage and has played with A Cut Above and The Nostalgics. During his career, Rocky has played backup for such notables as The Temptations, The Glenn Miller Band, Bob Hope, and Nancy Wilson as well as many others. Neither of the Regleins or Jessie Babbitt before them, played any musical instrument. Rocky's perspective, combined with the Regleins' expertise, has led to the creation of several unique and very popular mouthpieces. Within jj Babbitt's 40 employees there are over 400 years of experience in mouthpiece craftsmanship. Technology has brought some changes to the small shop, but some of the machines designed by Bud Reglein in the 1930s are still used today.

The company has a testing room that was specially designed with the necessary acoustics for the testing of mouthpieces. This allows players to test jj Babbit products in a proper environment that takes into consideration correct sound absorption and the player's comfort. Close contact with and constant feedback from professional musicians has been a plus in jj Babbitt's success.

Today the company – one of the oldest mouthpiece manufacturers in the business – distributes professional products worldwide and is an OEM supplier to major instrument manufacturers. Mouthpiece lines include Guy Hawkins hard rubber and forged metal mouthpieces; Otto Link hard rubber and 24k gold-plated metal mouthpieces; jjBabbitt hard rubber and Supreme Metal Jazz and sculptured plastic mouthpieces and Meyer, Wolfe Tayne, and Hite hard rubber and metal mouthpieces.

Image of Eugene and William Reglein
Eugene "Bud" Reglein & William R. Reglein
Image of William Reglein
Circa 1940 jj Babbitt manufacturing facility

The company also does custom-design work and private labeling for individuals who want to design and market their own line of mouthpieces.

Elkhart, Indiana is called the band instrument capital of the world and jj Babbitt has been an important contributor to that role. With a melodious past and an upbeat future, jj Babbitt will continue to produce the right mouthpieces for your special sound.