Professional Clarinet Mouthpieces


Many years of consultation with the world's most respected clarinetists have influenced the design and performance standards of each J & D Hite clarinet mouthpiece. Crafted from the finest vulcanized rubber and molded on custom designed, personally crafted cores, Hite mouthpieces are individually hand faced and finished, as well as carefully micro-adjusted to the highest performance standards.

J & D Hite B-Flat Clarinet Mouthpieces

  • Model D - the original HITE design
  • Model J - for higher elevation or for doublers
  • Model M - a lively lean, centered sound
  • Model H - extra depth for more advanced players

J & D Hite B-Flat, Alto and Bass Clarinet Mouthpieces

  • Soprano Clarinet Mouthpiece - popular because of its tonal sweetness
  • Basset Horn/Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece - full, golden-voiced alto sound
  • Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece - beautifully focused sound

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