Professional Saxophone Mouthpieces



J & D Hite professional model mouthpieces are made of top quality hard rubber and are individually hand finished and tested to ensure consistency and playability. All J & D professional models come with J & D Hite ligature and plastic cap.

J & D Hite Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece

The design of our soprano saxophone mouthpiece features a shorter, slightly more open facing, enhancing overall performance and playability.

J & D Hite "Commercial" Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece
Our "commercial" alto mouthpiece is designed for general commercial playing - stage bands, recording studios, show orchestras and jazz. Many players find it to be an ideal "cross-over" mouthpiece, suitable for both classic and popular styles, because of its inherent flexibility.

J & D Hite "Classic" Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece
Saxophonists specializing in classical music for recitals, concertos and orchestral or concert band performance will appreciate this mouthpiece, which has been finished with a high degree of refinement - a mouthpiece that produces a rich sound, easy extended high range, clarity and ease in dynamics, good response in low range, and the flexibility to play sparkling clear musical phrases.

J & D Hite Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece
The unique design of our tenor mouthpiece features a moderately high baffle to give color and strength while avoiding a thin, edgy, "laser beam" sound. You can blend in with a section, or you can stand up and be heard!

J & D Hite Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece
Our baritone mouthpiece, giving the bari a rich full sound, is recommended for a variety of playing situations: concert and stage bands, sax quartets, studios and show orchestras.

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