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jj Babbitt Purchases David Hite, Inc.

By Rocky Giglio

ELKHART, INDIANA - The jj Babbitt Company has purchased David Hite, Inc., according to an announcement by William (Bill) Reglein, jj Babbitt's president and CEO. Hite, a well-known crafter of mouthpieces for saxophones and clarinets based in Estero, Florida, died in April of 2004. During the past 30 years, Mr. Hite worked closely with jj Babbitt staff who produced the privately labeled mouthpieces that were hand finished by Hite and his wife, Jean.

"We are not changing anything about David Hite mouthpieces except the location where they are finished," stated Rocky Giglio, jj Babbitt's vice president of operations. "The Hite dealer/distributor structure, pricing and quality will remain the same." The jj Babbitt Company will produce and finish Hite's two popular mouthpiece lines. Premiere, designed for students, is available for B♭ clarinet as well as for alto and tenor saxophone. Premiere student models are a staple in many school music programs because they are easy to play.

A second line - J & D Hite - is designed for use by professional musicians. All David Hite mouthpieces are faced using personally crafted facing cams and are hand finished before being individually play-tested. In addition to Hite mouthpieces, jj Babbitt manufactures over 2,000 different mouthpiece styles in five standard label lines: Meyer, Otto Link, Wolfe Tayne, Guy Hawkins and jj Babbitt. The company also produces custom mouthpieces with private labeling.

The jj Babbitt company is an OEM supplier to the world's largest instrument manufacturers and also supplies mouthpieces internationally to professionals, distributors, and dealers. Mouthpieces produced by the company are played by musicians ranging in skill from school children to top professionals.