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Since 1955, the Otto Link Florida metal mouthpiece has been a staple in the world of jazz, and for good reason. Some of the most iconic artists of our time have made the Florida their mouthpiece of choice as they’ve created unforgettable musical experiences. And now, almost 70 years and four iterations later, the Otto Link Florida Five is the best design yet. We think you’re going to love it.

With the Florida V, you’ll experience the same brilliance and iconic sound that’s synonymous with the Otto Link Florida name. But we didn’t stop there. We’ve meticulously crafted improvements that not only enhance the core of your sound but also revolutionize the stability and evenness of tone quality across your entire instrument, from the lows to the highs.

In the Florida V, experience the classic Otto Link Florida sound with unparalleled brilliance. Enjoy improved stability and evenness of tone quality throughout your entire range. Rediscover the soulful tradition of jazz, fine-tuned for today’s musicians. Elevate your performances and inspire your audience with every note. Step into the world of jazz tradition, where the Otto Link Florida reigns supreme, and allow the Otto Link Florida V to help you forge your own legacy.

In our quest to perfect the Otto Link Florida legacy, we delved deep into the archives, meticulously studying the best examples of the classic Florida models, originally made in the heart of Pompano Beach, Florida. With this rich history in mind, we made key enhancements to the chamber of the Otto Link Florida V. The result? A mouthpiece that delivers pristine tone quality and impeccable playability, reminiscent of generations past to deliver a sound and playability that will launch current generations into the future. Our mission? To bring you a mouthpiece that’s firmly rooted in jazz tradition, yet finely tuned to elevate your tone quality and playability in this modern musical age. Your saxophone deserves nothing less.

Don’t just play music; become a part of history and build your own legacy with the Otto Link Florida V.

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