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Jjb OttoLinkLA
OttoLink White
Jjb OttoLinkLA
OttoLink White

Available 2024

As leaders in excellence and innovation in the music industry since 1919, we love that music and musicians are constantly evolving. To meet the ever-changing desires of modern musicians, we’ve meticulously crafted the new Otto Link LA hard rubber mouthpiece, a fusion of our classic Otto Link DNA with an exciting new design tailored to today’s modern player for a uniquely “West Coast”, studio sound.

The Otto Link LA still embodies the soul of Otto Link, but now it offers more. With its finely tuned design, this mouthpiece allows you to seamlessly blend in with the ensemble, effortlessly harmonizing with the collective sound. But it doesn’t stop there; when it’s time to step into the spotlight and take your solo, the Otto Link LA provides the perfect platform to stand out and cut through the mix with precision and power. More punch, more edge, and more focused projection ensure that you can express your unique musical voice with confidence, whether you’re in the background or at the forefront.

This mouthpiece is not just an evolution; it’s a revolution.

Experience a new era of saxophone sound with the Otto Link LA. Elevate your performance and create your own unique signature with a mouthpiece that preserves Otto Link roots while embracing a modern age. Discover the new Otto Link LA today!

Tenor Saxophone

4* – 0.75 6 – 0.90 7* – .105  9 – .120
5 – 0.80 6* – 0.95 8 – .110 9* – .125
5* – 0.85 7 – .100 8* – .115

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