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An American Standard

Long considered a standard for American clarinetists, the Portnoy B♭ clarinet mouthpiece produced a wonderfully focused tone and yet is very free blowing. Great for the symphony or chamber hall, the Portnoy clarinet mouthpiece has been the most recommended step-up mouthpiece since its release. Style distinctions between BP01, BP02, and BP03 versions. The facing affects the length of the opening, width, and slope of the opening. The most important factor is the tip opening regarding how it relates to the bite of the player and how easily it is played for best tonal reproduction. The BP02 is the original model that made Portnoy famous. The BP02 has a good tone and provides easy blowing, and has been used in bands and orchestras by professionals for years. The BP01 has a more closed opening and may work better for a smaller bite for a beginner clarinetist.

B♭ Clarinet
BP01 .047
BP02 .050
BP03 .052