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MEYER New York

Popular, versatile NY Meyer alto is back!

The popular NY (New York) Meyer mouthpiece for Alto sax is being introduced by jj Babbitt in commemoration of our 100th anniversary. A favorite among players, it is now back due to player requests.

This is the original free-blowing NY mouthpiece with superb control and playability. It fills a niche to complete the Meyer lineup and will enable saxophonists from students to professionals to achieve what they’ve been looking for – in both sound and comfort – while performing. It’s a great value, too!

Player comments:

“They nailed it! I will probably retire my Vintage Meyer and switch to the NY.”

“Astonishing projection! Much more than any alto mouthpieces I have ever played.”

“It exemplifies the best characteristics of the unique Meyer sound and playing experience.”

“They’re centered, easy to control, vibrant, colorful, and flexible for a rich sub-tone in the low register and screaming lead alto in the upper register.”

Comparative Mouthpiece Tip Openings

Comparative Mouthpiece tip openings

Meyer New York

Alto Sax
5M .071
6M .076
7M .081
8M .086

Non published tip openings available on special request for an extra charge and with a no return policy.