The jj Babbitt Legacy

over a century of crafting musical excellence

Since our humble beginnings in 1919, the JJ Babbitt Company, Inc. has been a trailblazer in the world of woodwind mouthpieces. Founded by Jesse James Babbitt and his brother Rollie in a modest two-stall garage in Elkhart, Indiana, we quickly established ourselves as a leader in quality craftsmanship and innovation.

With a small but dedicated team of five men and their loyal bulldog mascot, Chopper, the Babbitt brothers set out to create mouthpieces that would redefine the industry. Our commitment to using the finest materials, meticulous attention to detail, and reliable service laid the foundation for JJ Babbitt’s enduring success.

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Our History

In 1939, Jesse Babbitt’s nephew, Eugene “Bud” Reglein, joined us at the age of 19. Bud’s innovative spirit led him to design and build several manufacturing machines, some of which remain in use today. His passion and dedication propelled him to become a partner, and eventually, the owner and CEO of JJ Babbitt.

The family legacy continued with Bud’s son, William “Bill” Reglein, who began learning the business from the ground up in 1967. Bill worked in every aspect of our company, from production and sales to design and delivery, before taking over as president in 1999.

Expansion and Acquisition: Building a Portfolio of Legendary Brands

As we grew, so did our product lines and brand portfolio. We began offering custom designs and private labeling for individuals looking to create their own mouthpieces. In 1971, we acquired the esteemed Meyer Bros. brand, followed by the legendary Otto Link brand in 1977, further solidifying our position as an industry leader.

In 1999, Rocco “Rocky” Giglio, a seasoned industry professional and accomplished musician, joined us as vice president of operations. His unique perspective and expertise helped guide JJ Babbitt into the new millennium.

In 2019, as we celebrated our 100th anniversary, Steve Rorie, a 40-year music industry veteran, joined as president. Determined to preserve JJ Babbitt’s rich heritage while embracing innovation, Rorie purchased our company from the Reglein family in 2021, ensuring our future as an independent, family-owned business.

In 2023, a new chapter in JJ Babbitt’s leadership began as Steve Rorie’s son, Trace Rorie, stepped into the role of President. With this transition, Steve Rorie retains his position as CEO, providing guidance and support as we move forward. Trace brings a fresh perspective and a deep passion for music, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the industry while staying true to our core values of quality, innovation, and excellence. This father-son duo is committed to honoring our legacy while driving us towards a bright future.

Throughout our history, we have introduced groundbreaking products, such as the New York Meyer alto sax mouthpiece in 1999, the Otto Link Vintage tenor sax mouthpiece in 2009, and in 2024, the groundbreaking Otto Link LA tenor sax mouthpiece. We have also been a strong supporter of the music community, sponsoring events like the Elkhart Jazz Festival and programs like VH-1 Save the Music.

As the only company in the United States to mold our own mouthpieces from scratch, we continue to adhere to tough quality standards and keep our long-term commitment to excellence.

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Today, we at JJ Babbitt remain dedicated to helping musicians of all levels discover the joy of making music and develop their own unique sound.

During our 100-plus years in business, all JJ Babbitt products were—and are—manufactured completely in our Elkhart, Indiana factory. We have designed and produced millions of mouthpieces, in more than 1,000 different models and are legendary throughout the world for superior craftsmanship and quality control, as well as exceptional value.

Our products have helped players from novice, to student, to professional—and from virtually every music genre—to not only discover the joy of making music, but also to develop the proficiency to create their own unique sound. Our products are sold internationally to instrument manufacturers, distributors, and players.

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