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Tone Edge
Early Babbitt (EB)

for Tenor Saxophone
Connoisseur Series

Original Design.
Unique Sound.
Unmistakable Style.

A quick internet search tells you all you need to know about the popularity and the almost desperate desire for Otto Link Tone Edge Early Babbitt tenor mouthpieces. If you can find them in decent, playable condition they sell for hundreds and some for well over a thousand dollars and more. The sound, personality and unmistakable performance characteristics of this incredible mouthpiece have been carefully studied with numerous attempts by competitors to copy it for decades. So now, let the artisans of jj Babbitt show you how it’s done.

This EB model is not redesigned, not retooled, and not reimagined in any way. Made from our own original compounded rubber, molded in the original molds and cores, vulcanized to the original specifications and manually machined and hand finished just as they were from 1975 to 1979, these are true Early Babbitt tenors. Your search is over…

Tenor Sax
5* .085
#6 .090
6* .095
#7 .100
7* .105
#8 .110
Brushstroke9a Copy

“I most appreciate how well the mouthpiece plays top to bottom, with great intonation and response.”

“I played the new [Otto Link] Early Babbitt mouthpiece last night on a gig, and it felt like it did when my father gave me Stan Getz’s great Link tenor mouthpiece all those years ago…I was home.”– Doug Lawrence