Mouthpieces created for clarinets and saxophones

JDHite Clarinet

J&D Hite

Hard Rubber Mouthpieces

Many years of consultation with the world’s most respected musicians have influenced the design and performance standards of each J & D Hite mouthpiece. Crafted from the finest vulcanized rubber and molded on custom-designed, personally crafted cores, Hite mouthpieces are individually faced as well as meticulously hand finished to the highest performance standards.
  • Model D – Compared to the “M” model which has the identical facing, the “D” internal dimensions tend to produce a darker, rounder tonal character.
  • Model J – This model may prove to be more comfortable for higher elevation locales and is usually the model preferred by saxophonists who are doubling on clarinet.
  • Model M – The bore and channel contours tend toward a leaner, more centered sound when compared to the “D” model.
  • Model H – The extra facing length on the “H” model functions well with thicker cut reeds made of less dense cane. The interior design and facing length can add extra depth to the sound.
B♭ Clarinet
Model D 0.041
Model J 0.045
Model M 0.041
Model H 0.041
  • Soprano Clarinet Mouthpiece – popular because of its tonal sweetness
  • Basset Horn/Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece – full, golden-voiced alto sound
  • Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece – beautifully focused sound
E♭ Alto Bass Clarinet
0.041 0.055 0.068

“I most appreciate how well the mouthpiece plays top to bottom, with great intonation and response.”