Mouthpieces created for clarinets and saxophones

Otto Link Florida mouthpiece by jj Babbitt

Otto Link LogoFlorida

for Tenor Saxophone

Vintage Sound.
Quick Response.

Back by popular request the Otto Link Florida is arguably among the most notable and in-demand metal mouthpieces ever made. jj Babbitt still manufacturers metal Links just as they were made in the beginning. The “Link Sound” is created from the very start with selecting exactly the right brass, forging, brazing, hand buffing, hand machining and crafting, and finally 24 kt gold plating. This is truly an exquisite piece of American craftsmanship that will help you deliver your sound just as it does for the most discriminating professionals in the world.
5* .085
6 .090
6* .095
7 .100
7* .105
8 .110
8* .115
Brushstroke9a Copy

“I most appreciate how well the mouthpiece plays top to bottom, with great intonation and response.”