Premier by Hite Model DH-115 Bass Clarinet mouthpiece

Premiere by Hite is very proud to announce our new DH-115 Bass Clarinet mouthpiece.

This is not a re-make from modified or refurbished tooling. This is an entirely new design made from brand new molds and built to overcome the inconsistencies and criticisms of many current models in the market today. First we developed it from a new composite polymer that shares many sound and personality traits usually only found in the more expensive hard rubber models. We also designed the chamber, baffle and tip rail to aid developing young players with intonation and ease of play.

Accomplished musicians have also been complimentary of the flexibility, color pallet versatility and resonance they have come to expect from much more expensive mouthpieces. Post mold finishing is performed by hand by the skilled experienced Artisans of JJ Babbitt of Elkhart, Indiana. The D-115 Bass Clarinet has everything you have come to expect from Premiere by Hite, performance, playability and affordability made right here in the U.S.A.